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EQ Seals Balance Pro Earplugs Review! | Paradise Surfboards

In this review I will give you my honest opinions on these earplugs, including all the things I love about it and the things that I’m not so keen on. Just to give a little background on how much I use them, put it this way, if there are waves every day of the week… I’ll be there. I’ve had two sets of these earplugs. My first set is currently in Portugal on some hire car keys after I sadly left them there after a trip (cry worthy). My second set I bought in 2019 and still have them to this day (it is currently 2021 as I am writing this).

The above image is taken from EQ's website: You can purchase the earplugs from there. All image rights belong to them.


Pro: There is no annoying leash or string in the way like other earplugs have, where you have to wrap it around your neck and have it under the suit… super annoying. The EQ Seals just go in your ears super quick and there’s no hassle when doing so.

Con: The earplugs go pretty far into your ear hole. So to counteract the possibility of losing the earplugs without a string or leash, these need to be pushed quite far in. Now I’m saying this is a bad thing because I know of friends who really hate the feeling of it being so far in. I mean, I really don’t mind it; I quite like the feeling of it, knowing it won’t come out (of my ear shape anyway) but it could be slightly uncomfortable for some!


Pro: These earplugs are SO easy to clean its insane. Just run some cold water over them and then you can leave them out to dry for a little while and then put them back into the cylinder case they come in. The case is also super easy to clean because it’s metal. I have had earplug cases that have been fabric material and they get super grubby and nasty if you leave the earplugs wet in them. So I really love how hygienic the earplugs are and the packaging it comes with.

Cons: I have found that it is easy to lose bits of the packaging. The black rubber bit in between the screw-on lid and the case can become loose after some time and once you lose that, it’s over, the case will keep unscrewing itself becoming loose, then you could be left with no earplugs if you keep them on your keys or hanging onto something in the car.


Pro: It has a lifetime guarantee so if you do lose your earplugs, you will be able to get one back.

Con: Yes, as I said above, you’ll get one earplug back. That’s right, only one. If you lose your earplugs like I did in my hire car, you only get one back. Yep, I know, I found this shocking too. So you’ll probably have to just buy another set anyway. What’s good though, if you lose that set again and get another one, you’ll have another spare set - result!


Pro: As mentioned previously, any chance to get out in the water, I go and when I do. If there are waves 7 days a week, I’m in more than 7 times a week (LOL). I use the EQ Seals earplugs every time I go in. So I’ve made pretty good use of them over the past two years. They are only now just showing signs of wear and tear, but I’ve used them so so much over the past two years so I am pretty impressed. I previously had Surf Ears 2.0 and they did not last anywhere near as long as these have done. You are definitely paying for what you get.

Con: They cost about £39.99 which most may think it quite pricey for some earplugs, so hence the reason why I am putting this as a con. I mean seeing as I have tried a few cheaper models, I have found that they haven’t lasted as long as these. But I guess that is down to each person. You may not like the feel of these like I have.

Final Thoughts

I really love these earplugs. I find them really comfortable in my ear, even though they do need to be pushed far in. They’ve never become loose or fallen out of my ear so I think that’s a major bonus. They’re clean and easy to use and I definitely think I’ve gotten my moneys worth with them.

Would I recommend these?

Yes I would recommend but no if you have a huge phobia of sticking things in your ears!

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Let me know what you think of the EQ Seals Earplugs in the comments section below!

Reviewed by Liam Gibson.

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