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Board Construction

Our standard construction combines epoxy resin with a polyurethane (PU) blank with a wooden stringer.  We feel that this is the best combination as it gives strength, longevity, but the traditional feel that we all know and love.   We also offer EPS blanks as an option if that is what you're after. 

On all our boards we use epoxy resin.  We prefer this to polyester resin because:
- it is a higher quality resin
- is much stronger
- has a longer lasting flex
- longevity in performance
- doesn't go brittle over time
- non-toxic/environmentally friendly
- combined with a PU blank, it has the same traditional feel

Blank Comparison:

Polyurethane (PU)

- Most common
- Traditional feeling
- Secure/predictable feeling
- Heavier


- Light
- Lively
- More float/on top of water feel
- More expensive

Glassing Options 
We offer a range of glassing options so when ordering your custom board, let us know what type of glassing you want and we can sort it out for you.  For a small additional fee, you can also upgrade to S glass, which is even stronger and gives more pop and stiffer flex.  We can do any combination of 4oz and 6oz glass, whatever your preference, but if you're unsure, we can advise you on what is best for your board - just give us a shout. 

Fin Set Up Options 
We use the two most popular fin set ups in our boards, FCS II and Future Fins so whatever your preferred fin set up is, we can cater to it.  Each board does have a standard set up for what we feel works best, but most of our models will work great with a number of set ups so feel free to ask and customise this to your liking!

Resin Tints
We offer a range of FREE standard resin tints, so give us a shout and fill out a custom board order form by clicking here.  With resin tints, each one is hand made and totally unique and individual to every board.  Check out the gallery page for inspiration for your next custom!  But of course, we understand that not everyone is into colour, so if that is the case we also do clear boards using our optically brightened resin, that really makes a white board pop and look crisp.

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