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The Leveller

Smooth surfing; Smooth paddling

Sizing and Dims*

7'0 - 8'0
7'2 x 21 7/8 x 2 3/4 = 48.5L
7'6 x 22 1/2 x 2 7/8 = 55L
7'10 x 22 3/4 x 3 = 60L

*Please note that boards over 7'6 are Cornwall & Devon delivery only or collection.  


Another word for level is smooth, and that’s what this board is. 
As a speed hull, The Leveller incorporates a classic design, but with modern attributes.  

It has a hull bottom, running into a flat/slight vee in the tail area, smooth 50/50 rails in the front half of the board, blending into a hard, low rail in the pintail and an outline that lends itself to this smooth but exciting surfing.   The rocker gives you the speed and it enables you to trim and glide, but when you step back, this board turns hard. 

It is as fun in small waves, as it is in those overhead waves.  We designed The Leveller to be surfed with true style but ultimately
, to be a fun mid length to surf. 

Surfing Ability


Single fin set-up, for speed and flow. 
Twin fin (FCS II / Futures)

Fin Boxes


£535.00 - up to 7'6
£565.00 - 7'7 and over

* based on the standard tint and fin set up for this board

Board Breakdown:

If the sizes or fin set up don't take your fancy, remember that all boards are handmade so we can do exactly what you want with it, so just give us a call or fill out a board order form and let us know your ideas in the notes.

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