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Q:  What is included in the price?

A:  Included in the price is a standard resin tint, FCS II or Futures fin boxes with the standard fin set up listed for each board, and  comes as a sanded finish.  

Q:  Are there any hidden costs that I should be aware of?

A:  We will never add any hidden charges to your order.  If you require any additional things like s-glass, quad boxes, EPS blanks, and/or multiple colour tints/artwork, then there are extra costs.  Check out the bottom of the order form for the prices, or click here.  

Q:  How do I get an order in for a board?

A:  When you fill in the board order form here, we will be notified of it and we will get back to you answering any questions you may have, along with an invoice detailing all your board choices.  In the invoice, it includes a deposit amount on there (for more information on the deposit, please click here) and once we receive payment of it, we will send you out a confirmation receipt and then will get started on your board!

Q:  I'm not local to Newquay so I may require delivery, what's the set up for that?

A:  For boards under 7'6, delivery can be arranged for an additional £55.00.    For anything over 7'6, Cornwall & Devon delivery can be arranged, or collection only.  Please enquire for more information.

Q:  I can't wait for a custom board, do you have any stock boards available?

A:  We do at times have stock boards and ex-demo boards for sale, so feel free to call us and ask if there are any stock boards in the pipeline or to find out when there will be any available!

Q:  Can I come and see some boards and have a chat before ordering?

A:  Of course, just drop us a line and we can arrange for you to come and see some, no problem. 

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