The Paradise Surfboards

On all our boards, we use epoxy resin.  Using epoxy resin is more environmentally friendly and at Paradise Surfboards we're so up for that and keeping the environment clean.  

Generally, our board blanks are polyurethane (PU) which give boards maximum strength, longevity, and the traditional feel we all know and love.  We feel the combination of epoxy resin and a polyurethane blank gives a longer life time to boards.  We can also do EPS blanks if you require.  

We offer a range of glassing options so when ordering your custom board, let us know what type of glassing you want and we can sort it out for you. 

For a small additional fee, you can also upgrade to S glass, which is even stronger and gives more pop and stiffer flex. 

We also offer a range of fin customisations and resin tints, so give us a shout and fill out a custom board order form by clicking here.  With resin tint each one is hand made and totally unique and individual to every board.

Below is our model range,  we have some boards in stock, but all boards are available for customisation with a 3-6 week lead time.