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- Paradise Minimal - 

 "I took the board out for the first time yesterday and I absolutely love it!  I caught my first wave straight away and it went on for ages.  It was so nice to paddle and I caught so many waves with it.  When ordering the board Liam was very responsive answering all my questions which made the process easy."


- Paradise Minimal - 

"I’ve been riding a short board for a while and struggled to catch as many waves as I’d like at home and I’ve wanted a Minimal for so long, so this board is absolutely game changing for me! It’s a dream to ride and catches even the smallest of waves. I love it! Liam and the team have done an amazing job and they’ve completely nailed the colour choice for me. My boyfriend chose some absolute legends to build me a custom board!”



- Paradise Minimal -

"It took me a while to find the right people and I’m so glad I came across Paradise Surfboards. Liam has been an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the whole ordering process and has done a fantastic job of incorporating the little details I’ve asked for. The board is amazing and exactly what I had envisaged. It was the perfect surprise for my girlfriend!”



- Double Diamond - 

"Got the double diamond , the thing is incredible, it feels like its supercharged my turns, customer service was excellent Liam really went above and beyond to make sure i came away with the right board, thanks again guys"


- The Stealer - 

"I went for a 7’9 stealer,  as I don’t surf often and needed a good all rounder,  and to progress on from riding a big foamy.  This board is great,  just been using it all weekend and it has been just as easy to catch waves as the big old foamy,  it handles well and improved my surf,  even managed to ride a few clean faces 🤙🏼 I would highly recommend”



- El Filet - 

"Paddles like a minimal, agile as a shortboard!  A fantastic board.”



- PPL - 

"I am totally wowed by my new board! Absolutely love the shape, colour and pattern. It’s a stunner - thanks so much.”



- PP1 (Custom diamond tail) - 

"Went to Perranporth beach on a average day. Caught a peeling left on my new board, it performed exactly how I wanted. It was really smooth and really easy to transfer from rail to rail. Can't wait to go out on it again. Cheers guys.”



- The Stealer - 

"Thanks to my new board had one of the best surfs ever today... thanks to your board. Steep take offs and flying along the line."



- The Stealer -

"I’ve had the board out a few times last few weeks and she’s an absolute peach.  The board absolutely flies!   I was really surprised how nimble it felt (for a board of 8ft!). I’m surfing it as a quad at the minute and it feels so loose and responsive.   I’m really pleased with how it came out, you did a blinding job.  It is everything I was looking for and it looks amazing too."


- Paradise Minimal - 

"Love it man! Psyched to take it out! Thank you!”


Hattie & George

- Paradise Minimal - 

"Super happy.  This is a board we won't out grow!  I've used it on a bigger swell as well, set up as a twin fin and it beat all expectations!”



- The Stealer -

"Couldn't believe the difference in this board you made.  Same size, yet the board is so much more stable and felt great.  Thanks”



- Custom Kneeboards -

"Feels smooth, fluid and controllable.  Nice to paddle with good pickup.”



- The Stealer - 

"First time riding it as a single fin, and it's proper good.  Thank you."



- The PPL - 

"Super happy with the board, ordered with custom dimensions and was blown away, awesome quality. Andy and Liam were great and super friendly. Highly recommend!”




- The Stealer - 

"I went for a surf yesterday not great waves but I’m really happy with the board and alot easier to paddle"



- The Paradise Performa - 

"Just taken the board out this evening, she's a beauty! Thanks so much again legend" 


- The Stealer - 

"Great for getting into the wave early with ease, before the crowds. Once under foot it has a completely different feel, turning like a shortboard, but more forgiving. What I love most about it is the speed this thing generates, making sections I’d never dream of making. Surfed it a few times so far in waist to chest high waves, went like a dream."



- The Stealer -

"Had a great day on the board today mate. Unbelievable paddle speed, speeding down the line at everything at Towan today. Thanks so much!"



- The Paradise MiniMal -

"I own two Paradise boards - an 8'0 custom  and a  6'10 minimal - a brilliant build on both boards, good attention to detail, a great finish and fantastic value for money - I love surfing both - I am very happy with my purchases.”



- PP1 -

"Been for a couple surfs on the pp1 knee high to head high and i love it! Generates speed really well. 🤙"

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